What is StaffPlus?

StaffPlus is a private membership organization for high-growth engineers with over 10+ years experience working in or towards Staff+ roles. We are an online and in-person community helping each other grow in an environment driven by collaboration and respect.

What is a Staff+ Role?

“They’re ambiguous and differ company to company.” - Everyone

Great. Let’s just start with these simple definitions of scope.

How do I become a member?

Click the Sign up link to reserve your place on the waitlist. Once your number is selected, we’ll email you with further details about joining the next cohort.

What is a cohort?

A cohort is a group of membership invites sent out once per month. Cohorts are fixed size. New members of the cohort will go through an introduction process amongst themselves prior to the larger community.

What does membership entail?

Why is membership private?

StaffPlus strives to be inclusive to all Staff+ Engineers but firmly believes that rapid community growth is harmful during the formative stages. Problems stemming from:

We wish to provide a very tailored experience for our members so we plan to solidify the community best practices prior to more rapid expansion.

What is “No BAP”?

“But StaffPlus, everything is political these days!” - Some pedant


Read our Code of Conduct and Membership Guidelines.

If you don’t like them, we posit StaffPlus isn’t the membership for you.

If “Content is king” - what should we expect from StaffPlus?

You’ll find:

You won’t find:

How does StaffPlus keep the lights on?

StaffPlus is currently bootstrapped by its founding team. In terms of monetization, we have a few ideas:

What is a DR?

DR is a “Decision Record” that documents changes to the StaffPlus community. Check out the introductory blog post for more details.

What are some complements/alternatives to StaffPlus?